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Message From The President

With so extensively, the world beset by crises, disasters, and conflicts, what can we do to improve stability, peace, and prosperity in some of the most hazardous regions of the world? And in emerging economies that are experiencing such rapid change, what all investments can we make to ensure that economy continues to grow and integrate into the global system?

These are crucial questions that NGOs, policymakers, and corporations across the nation and world are asked daily. But we know the answer: investing in people.

Investing in building a focussed and healthy citizen is an endeavor that returns huge dividends by improving the capacity of people to govern, educate, and produce for themselves and people around them, the foundations for long-term peace and prosperity can be established and disasters be prohibited or mitigated

This is exactly the kind of vital work that Rashtriya Uttrakhand Sabha does every day. Investing in people at the local level, in partnership with government, civil society, and the private sectors to help and bring peace, prosperity, and stability. Sometimes this work is economic, rapid relief or just psychological that help society to grow and create new opportunities. At other times, the emphasis lies on capacity building: bringing communities and municipal governments together to teach them how to interact and affect the change they need, in order to take control of their development. It is setting the basics for a healthy society, through sanitation, education, access to healthcare, and improved nutrition. You can know about the ways Rashtriya Uttarakhand Sabha is engaging with governments, communities, the private sector, and civil society to invest in people and give them, the tools they need to form stable, peaceful, and prosperous societies. These are the kinds of investments that do not just become the driving force behind an empowered social community; they are also helping countless people across improve their quality of life.

I invite you to collaborate with us, gain insight about the work of Rashtriya Uttarakhand Sabha and believe in how we bring together different sects at the local level, using imaginative techniques to build communities solidity. We hope these words motivate you to join us in our expedition of being Partners for Good.

Dr. Prakash Chandra Khulve

Message From The General Secretary

“The value of life is not based on how long we will live but how much we contribute to others in our society.”

Life is full of strenuous blocks which may make us stumble down the road, but every hindrance in the path leaves some experiences along with memorable life lessons. The motive behind the establishment of this NGO may not be unique or covert. But, the cumulative efforts that we take as a team are meant to drive the force of change among the lives of needy people we come across. The valuable suggestions of the supportive members at every moment, rather at each step insists we do our work perfectly and with the calculation of considerable impact. Without them, the mission being guided in the right direction is unimaginable. Without the team cooperation, it is meant to be very tough to achieve our goal and serve people towards their empowerment.

I would like to share with full joy that we have been acquiring through our experiences and practices which helped us to consolidate ourselves as a bunch of motivated blood and helped us move forward on the proper track. In this long journey, we become hopeful and strong which are helping us to develop a strategy for a proper future.

Our team has been moving forward in making strong and healthy citizen by creating harmony among the society, a district that may help to reach near accessible and marginalized people. We are moving forward by making coordination, collaboration & good relations with local government officials of all departments and panchayats to achieve our objectives.

We are successfully- perfectly moving towards our mission with the help of your financial, social, mental, and psychological support. I thank our team members for their hard work and devotion. I also thank all our donor agencies, supporters, friends, and well-wishers who have always been contributing to achieving our destination. You all have faith in us and we promise you that we will stand true to your belief.

Sanjeev Singh Negi
General Secretary
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