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Rashtriya Uttarakhand Sabha

Rashtriya Uttarakhand Sabha was established in the year 2017 and is committed to being in partnership with communities nationally as well as globally to bring about sustainable and impactful changes that improve the lives and livelihoods of the susceptible.

Development is not solely what we do for people; it is a collaborative effort in every domain. Amid the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the team members of this national-level NGO ventured beyond their safety and comfort zones to assist distressed individuals in numerous villages, some of which were even inaccessible to designated officials. The power of our work lies in our ability to proficiently cultivate relationships that place the community members at the forefront of their own development. Our work is characterized by a profound emphasis on community and partnership. We believe in creating the appropriate opportunities for individuals and extending a helping hand to those in need.

Our organization was established with the sole objective of fostering unity, coordination, cooperation, and affection among the people in the hilly state of Uttarakhand and abroad. We also strive to generate awareness among the people by organizing cultural activities, seminars, surveys, and shivirs. Some of our programs aim to preserve cultural and social fabric and prevent misuse and plunder. We provide moral and financial assistance to needy people in the wake of national disasters and epidemics, especially to the disabled, helpless, and sick.

Rashtriya Uttarakhand Sabha works on the principles of equality, harmony, and unity to support the proper maintenance of all social structures, including underprivileged sects, and to raise awareness against uncalled-for nuances stemming from a constricted mentality. Life and its various aspects bring satisfaction when we extend our shoulders to support the needy.

Our Mission
An NGO is the carrier of optimism through the society, particularly amidst those who stand lost, hopeless and deprived. Rashtriya Uttarakhand Sabha has vowed to help people rise beyond these pitfalls.
Our Vission
Our motto is to uplift the community in all aspects, including nutrition, education, health & hygiene, livelihood, and the empowerment of both general people and women, ensuring they do not remain untouched by the privileges accessible to others.

Our Work

At Rashtriya Uttarakhand Sabha, we are passionately dedicated to uplifting the lives of the less fortunate. Through our initiatives like health check-ups, distributing sanitary pads and educational materials, providing walking sticks, promoting plantation, and organizing blood donation camps, we strive to ensure dignity and security for all.

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